2017 in a nutshell!

Well… it was asked for.. here we go..my 2017 top ten!
In no particular order..
1. Brexit.
Whether you are for or against it, it’s happening and it raises eyebrows and controversy. It makes me smile that we think we have a say. We don’t. It’s all a crock and what will be will be, let’s just hope it’s for the best… (I voted against)
2. Pre-school.
Now here is a subject to keep this mama awake at night! If nothing ever shows you how much time flies, it’s putting your baby’s name down for the pre-school of choice, and then all of a sudden you are at his taster sessions and realising that he is going to fly… and you don’t know what to do with yourself!
3. Friends.
I have some bloody good ones. Like a good box of chocolates, I have a variety of people in my life and I appreciate them. I am thankful for the help, support, jokes and craziness they bring into my life. I can’t pick old out from the new.. they are all fabulous!
4. Childbirth!
This one wasn’t me-but, I did get to be there for my nephew being born (well until my sister was wheeled into the operating theatre) and as an experience, I think spending that time with her was something special. And I got a pretty cute nephew out of it. I also got to experience how underfunded the NHS is, how hard some of the nurses work, and how understaffed it is.
5. Cleft lip and palate
. I never thought that this would be on my list of top moments for the year, because finding out that my nephew was going to be a cleftie was tough on all of us, especially my sister. But. Since he was born, reading the support on the cleft pages, and being part of my nephews journey, seeing how strong these children are amazes me-and their parents. I was very ignorant of the amount of time, surgery and other challenges faced by families of cleft babies, children and adults. CLAPA work hard to make sure that these children are provided with the best care possible.
6. Blaze and the Monster Machines.
How this is making my top ten I don’t know-but, whoever came up with this cartoon is one smart cookie. It’s educational, and contains monster machines. My son loves it and at just three years old, understands trajectory.. yes the voices are as annoying as hell, and you end up singing the theme tune for days on end. But, here it is. There is a cartoon that, although drives me batty, ticks my educational boxes.
7. New perspectives.
Not my Circus, and not my monkeys. This became my motto this year and so far, it is serving me well. It’s not that I do not care about my friends issues-I will help as much as I can, but I took a step away from as much excessive drama as I could, accepted that is not wrong to not miss that toxic friend.
Because I do not miss one second of that nightmare and am glad it’s over, and to quote Elsa, I’m learning to “Let It Go”.
8. The New Establishment.
We make my top ten. Finding my voice again, being able to write, get my angle out there and have an outlet for the things on my mind has been frustrating, challenging, funny and fantastic. I was incredibly nervous when I sent over my first piece of writing-but, it’s a new step on a re-paved road and I am loving it.
9. Hanson.
Always on my list of top ten! I attended a concert in London this past summer, and it was unlike any I had been to. It was carefree, stress free, enjoyable in a way I had never experienced-the artists are fabulous, but there was no drama attached to this one, and my friend and I mmmbopped our little hearts out, and sang until we couldn’t speak. It was awesome.
There is also a new Christmas album out after 20 years. Which always makes a fan girl happy.
10.Lapland UK.
Was a beautiful experience to have had. No attention to detail is spared. The setting really does have you walking in a winter wonderland. The food, although pricey, is delicious, and I don’t think I will ever forget my little boy talking his head off to Santa Clause about his Christmas tree and that he had just been ice skating for the first time with his mummy.
As 2017 draws to a close, I am excited to start 2018, and wonder what will be making next year’s top ten!

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