2017 CrossFit Games: My Reflection

Are you missing the CrossFit games? I know I am, so on this Bank Holiday Monday these are my best bits from the CrossFit Games 2017


I found CrossFit after watching a documentary on Netflix following the 2015 games. It was love at first watch. To my excitement, the 2016 games were taking place a few weeks later and I watched as much of the games as I could on different platforms, however limited the footage was.

To my absolute joy the Games were broadcast live for the first time in Games history on Facebook, the games website and CBS Sports. I tried out all these platforms and found Facebook live the cleanest stream, with CBS and the Games Website sticking.  Another great first was the games being held in Madison Wisconsin. The crowed was amazing, the vibe was felt through the screen and it was exciting to see how the contestants dealt with the change in environment

As a huge fan of the games, these are my top 5 best bits!


1.        Tia-Clair Tommey and Kara Webb diving over the finish line for event 13. Then came the wait to find out who won the games between them. It was nail biting and emotional stuff. Tommey in the lead during the event, which would have ensured her the title, then came the dreaded no rep! That is when Webb came up, side by side, they both locked out and dropped the weights and dived over the finish-line virtually the same time, there was a faction of a second difference. It was epic! Kara took the event win but it was Tia that took the tile. I got very emotional, watching as Tia found out she had won! Finishing the previous two years in second place, she finally got to stand on top of the podium.



2.        Matt Fraser… Matt Fraser… Oh Matt! What a beast! He dominated the games for a second year running. He could have walked through event 13 and still won the games. His hashtag on social media is #HWPO (hard work pays off) couldn’t be truer. It isn’t a fluke Matt dominated these games, he works on what he isn’t good at until he is. What he is weak at, he becomes good at, what he is good at, and he becomes great at! When asked at the end of the games, ‘when will you start training for next year?’ He smirked, ‘tomorrow!’ I have a major crush on Mr Matt Fraser… I mean come on’ who wouldn’t.



3.        Josh Bridges, beast mode in event 10. Josh just wasn’t’ Josh during these games. An ex-marine I was expecting him to breeze through the run, swim, run as it mirrors marine style training excises, but he came A 32nd and continued to finish in the back end of the teens and in the thirties. Where was Josh? He looked so uncomfortable in Amanda.45, it seemed like he was in some minor physical distress. Then came event 10! The Heavy 17.5,  second place with a time of 8:41.38 crossing the finish line and roaring the classic Josh Bridges celebration. Where was Josh, well there he was! It was fantastic to see, sadly it was short lived with Josh finishing overall in 30th place. I am looking forward to seeing more of the beast mode next year, Josh is capable of it.


4.        Alethea Boon, this women tore her Achilles heel last year during the games and no one really expected to see her at the games this year. She entered the open not expecting to win a place at the regionals, which she did. She went to regionals not expecting to qualify for the games, which she did. Not only did she qualify she finished in 19th place, racking up four finishes within the top ten. Australia, for me dominated this year at the games with Tommey and Webb on the podium and a stunning performance by Boon on the women side and Ricky Garard coming in 3rd on the men’s side.



5.       Sam Briggs, the engine. Can that girl live in the pain zone, coming in 1st for the Madison Triplet and assault Banger. Sam, was exciting to watch, coming in first for two events and another 5 other top ten finishes, finishing 9th overall. Cyclocross had me on the edge of my seat, Sam lead the way most of the event with Kristin Holte on her heels, then on the last circuit it was head to head. Sam just needed some cleaner dismounts on the sand pit and I believe she would have had the event. It was great to see bikes brought into the games like this.


Well done Dave Castro for another exciting year of CrossFit. 

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