2 things sunk to a new low this week


Two things sunk to a new low this week and both relate to the Tory party conference. The value of the pound has fallen three times, firstly to 31-year lows, then on Thursday to new, new lows as a result of what was coming out of the Tory party conference. And Friday brought the Flash Crash. Credible on the economy eh?


The other thing hitting a new low, this time during their conference and unseen before from a main British political party was the language coming from the Tory leadership. Amber Rudd’s speech being comparable to the 2nd Chapter of Mein Kampf (Hitler’s famous writings for those who don’t know).

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, delivers a her first speech as Home Secretary on the third day of the Conservative Party Conference 2016 at the International Conference Centre on October 4, 2016 in Birmingham, England. Ministers and senior Party members will address delegates throughout the day with a number of speeches discussing 'a society that works for everyone'. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

It can’t be just me in worrying about the utter descent that our country is taking. The Brexit lies and the unrelenting single-mindedness of Theresa May to continue to push the country to Brexit, despite her having campaigned against it and of course, it being an ADVISORY referendum (ie the government is not required to action the result, only take it on board in a wider decision).


On this note actually it’s worth repeating again and again as much as one can – It is poor leadership from a Prime Minister, willfully and quite arrogantly steering a nation into something she knows to be bad for the country (economically, scientifically, the clear uplift in hate crime it has caused/ continues to cause). And of course Theresa May wants to make our country a meritocracy (I had to look it up; a society governed by people selected according to merit)… only aren’t we in a democracy, ie we elect those who govern?


Then there’s our new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, the clown. BOJO… sigh.


We’re no longer Great Britain. David Cameron’s failed premiership saw to that. Probably soon we won’t even be Britain after Scotland hold another referendum. We’ll be reduced to England, Wales & Northern Ireland, again, for as long as that lasts.


But wait, we can renegotiate with the whole world! Presuming anyone wants to invest any further in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, what would they be investing in? A hate-filled, divisive government lurching the union toward the abyss. Rising discrimination based on where you’re from, where you’ve chosen to make your living, or just based on your circumstances (refugees haven’t stopped attempting that terrible journey across the Mediterranean yet still get blamed in the mainstream media. Defenceless, desperate people).


The problems our nation face are the result of years of austerity, even more years of drip-fed-hate from the tabloid papers (and some broadsheets), and neglect of those least well off. It’s taken the tories 6 years to trash the reputation of GB. Imagine what they can do in another 4.


My money’s on Europe. Actually, now I think about it I should trade my pounds up into Euro’s before the new new new low becomes the new new new new low (and so on). And so should you.







Actually, it won’t be my custom to end on a downer, but rather to end in affirmative action. So here: you can change this course with your vote. Next time you’re in the polling station, think about what the next generation might thank us for if we can steer left  enough from now on.










Alex McCann

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