15 reasons you should vote UKIP

  1. You are worried that the SNP are secretly trying to start WW3.
  2. You hate Europe but worry that the educational system is failing the Children of Switzerland.
  3. You worry that China and India are joining up to create Chindia, destroying British Chinese and Indian restaurants.
  4. You love a good public speaker.
  5. You want to see more en suite communal Garden.
  6. You hate golf and know that the freaky little white ball is a terrorist and a risk to public safety.
  7. You believe that every British child should get a free pony.
  8. You believe that plastic bags are destroying our oceans not the humans that use them.
  9. You want to ban nurseries. Toddlers hanging out together will only end up joining the SNP.
  10. You agree that all Women with young children should be put under house arrest.
  11. You agree that classrooms shouldn’t be allowed to move. We lose to many good classrooms to jobs abroad.
  12. You disagree with teaching our children the Kama Sutra. In fact you believe that sperm is already God’s child and don’t think that it should be allowed to be involved in sex.
  13. You want communities built around letters banned.
  14. You agree with assisted suicide because of our aging population or to make them work longer and walk everywhere to cut numbers down a bit.
  15. You understand by bringing back the guillotine, we can tax guillotine sharpening companies and make money.


So… Stop the SNP and Chindia teaming up with toddlers and golf balls and ruining our great country.


Original article by Clydebank Post click this link so see it.


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